Janitorial Services

Clean Your Workplace Effortlessly

You don't want to work in a dirty place, but you don't have the time or staff for cleaning. Don't stress. You can hire The Janitors, LLC in Burlington & South Burlington, VT. We provide contract-based janitorial services in all kinds of buildings like offices, schools and stores.

You can count on us to:

  • Follow all relevant cleaning regulations like our local composting law
  • Provide janitorial services every day, every week or twice a month
  • Restock consumable items like hand sanitizer, soap and toilet paper

Are you ready to start keeping your workplace clean with our janitorial company? Contact us right away to arrange for comprehensive janitorial services. You can call (802) 992-9745 or email us.

Our detail-oriented team cleans transit vehicles

Looking for a janitorial company to clean your bus, train or other vehicle? The Janitors is your best bet. We've been cleaning transit vehicles thoroughly for years, and we have a certificate from the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Ask us for information on our vehicle cleaning services today.