Carpet Cleaning

Restore Your Plush Carpet

Have your carpets fallen victim to accidental spills or heavy foot traffic? Don't waste time and money replacing your carpets every time your floors start to look dull or matted. Call The Janitors, LLC serving Burlington & South Burlington, VT for professional carpet cleaning services. We use high-powered carpet steaming equipment that works to blast away deep-down stains and make your carpets look soft and colorful once again. Best of all, you'll get a free disinfection service.

Contact us in Burlington or South Burlington, VT to schedule your carpet cleaning service today.

Benefits of routine carpet cleaning

Muddy footprints and pet stains do more than just make your carpets look bad. That moisture can also spread bacteria throughout your home or workplace. With routine carpet cleaning services, our experts can:
  • Extract tough carpet stains.
  • Remove harmful germs.
  • Brighten dull carpet colors.

Extend the life of your plush carpets; call The Janitors today.